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Case Study Authors:


case 01 Gong Vessel: Bing Huang, Ziliang Liu, and Chenchen Lu

case 02 Bell: Bing Huang and Chenchen Lu

case 03 He Vessel: Bing Huang and Ziliang Liu  

case 04 Jade Cup: Ziliang Liu

case 05 Reliquary Jar: Fletcher Coleman 

case 06 Reliquary Tower: Fletcher Coleman

case 07 Figural Painting: Ziliang Liu

case 08 Bird-flower Painting: Davida Fernandez-Barkan, Ziliang Liu, and Seung Hee Oh

case 09 Landscape: Eugene Wang 

case 10 Still Life: Fangyue Bao and Ziliang Liu

case 11 Theater Illustration: Bing Huang

case 12 Collage: Tairan An, J. Cabelle Ahn, and Kailin Weng


General editor: Fletcher Coleman, Chenchen Lu, and Seung Hee Oh


Thanks to all for their contribrutions in making a successful course


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